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To Rise with Wings     By S. Hwang        
How and why God trains us.

Moses Contended against Pharaoh        

Choosing a Life Partner?        

Redeem Your Time        

The Christ in the Book of Numbers—Part 2: Manna     By Chen Shen Chuan        
Jesus Christ is the bread of life.

Render to God the Things That Are God's        
One of the ways to grow spiritually and to enjoy the joy of God's grace is to put our tithes and offering into God's ministry.

Self-Satisfaction Will Lead You to Happiness        

Six Habits of Really Effective Christians (Part 4)        
We need God's power, guidance, and strength throughout our lives—not just for the 13,000 hours of our adult lives that we'll spend in church but also for the 100,000 hours we'll spend at work. Find out how prayer can help you be effective at work, and rea

Be Diligent to Enter into that Rest     By Jason Hsu        
Understanding the history of the Sabbath.

God's Trial, Discipline and Judgment        

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