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Formula for Peace        
What is the most effective way for us to bear with one another and unite in peace?

The Joy and Grace of Serving the Lord        
A sister shares the joys and grace of serving in the India mission.

Spiritual Roots        

The Fallen Mighty Man     By Samuel Kuo        
Lessons we can learn from Asahel's untimely death.

They Ought To Be Remembered        
For three particular women in the Bible, God remembered them for their good and their evil. At the end of this life, what do you think God will remember of you?

What You Need To Know About The Holy Spirit        

Church Chronicle        

Let Him Kiss Me with the Kisses of His Mouth        

A Faith That Is Never Compromised     By Wen Chuan Yeh        
How to stand firm in our faith.

The Meaning of Life        

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