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Why I Got Rid of Cable TV        
Is there anything wrong with watching television?

The Cost of Prayer        

I Will Make You a Fortified Bronze Wall     By Vincent Yeung        
As humans, we tend to avoid conflict and rejection. Sometimes this may cause us to be unwilling to preach to loved ones or to speak the truth in love. What can we learn from Jeremiah who faced this same challenge?

Why the True Jesus Church        
Explaining our church's name.

Church Chronicle        

Rejoicing in Our Labor     By Steve Hwang        
How to find true meaning in our job.


Pilate Never Heard the Answer     By Julius Tsai        
"What is truth?" Pilate asked. This is a perennial question that humans have inquired through the ages. But for Christians, where does the quest for truth lead to?

Faith's Consequences: The Story of Rebekah        
Have you ever thought about the consequences of your faith and actions? Is God involved in the life decisions that you make? Let’s examine these questions as we take a look at Rebekah’s story.

The Baby Room - A Mother's Reflections        

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