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The Product of Faith        

Reflections on the 2008 Ministry Volunteer Program        

Enlarge The Place of Thy Tent        

El Elohe Israel     By K. C. Tsai        
I, too, want God to be my God.

David's Repentance        
To what lengths would you go to cover up your sins? Do you really think you can hide them from God? Why are confessions so important?

Finding Hope in Every Circumstance     By Christine Lin        
Growing up without a church nearby.

The command to love your neighbors as yourself is mentioned several times in the Bible, but is there a positive command to love yourself?

What is Most Precious?        

Let the Peace of Christ Rule in Your Heart        
So long as we're in this world, we will experience tribulation. But through faith, you can receive and maintain the peace of Christ in your heart.

Editor's Preface        

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