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Striving Towards the Goal        
Today, do we have a goal in life, or do we find ourselves drifting aimlessly in this world?

Oneness God        

Persecution Friend or Foe        

Go to the Ants        

A Beautiful Life        

Why Can’t the Clock Stop Ticking?     By ACquila Anon        
Treasure time.

A Bundle of Love in Disguise        
God's plans for us aren't always clear. Sometimes, we may even find ourselves nowhere close to understanding His will. Facing a future that changed overnight, a sister shares with us what kept her going through her moments of doubts, and ultimately the lessons she learned from God's plan for her. What can we take from this sister's story and apply to our equally unpredictable lives?

Social Justice and Christianity        
What is social justice, and why does it matter?

Thorns of The Heart        

The Well        
How does a fathomless well make us well? Find out the secret of this life-sustaining source.

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