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A difficult career choice became a cause for giving thanks to God.

Theme: Conquering Addictions        

The Ten Basic Beliefs of the True Jesus Church        

Praying in the Spirit        
The simplicity of prayer has been compared to that of breathing. Such an effortless and imperative activity, but why do we find it so arduous to practice?

A New Bowl of Salt        

Six Habits of Really Effective Christians (Part 3)        
In today's world, it seems success comes from being aggressive, from crushing your competition inside and outside your company, and from making sure that your name is included in as many meetings and e-mails as possible. Is that the true secret?

Understanding Ruth        

The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven     By KC Tsai        
Unlocking the mysteries of God through the Holy Spirit.

Cleansing the Ten Lepers     By Jason Hsu        
How this miracle teaches us about thankfulness.

Fourteen Coins     By Paulina Tse        

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