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Manna 78 Editorial: Making Time for God     By Marian Shek        
Let us resolve to make more time for God.

"Lord, Teach Us to Pray"        
Jesus prayed for spiritual strength. He prayed for His disciples and God’s salvation. Each prayer He made was according to God’s purpose. What do you pray for?

The command to love your neighbors as yourself is mentioned several times in the Bible, but is there a positive command to love yourself?

From Isaac and Jacob to Courtship Today: Dating vs. Matchmaking        
Dating vs. matchmaking: which is the right path to marriage? Or is there a better way?

Research on Prophet Elijah        

The Ugly Old I        

Can A Deaconess Lay Hands on Believers Or Administer Footwashing Sacraments?        

The Thorn in the Flesh        
What was Paul’s thorn, and why didn’t the Lord take it away despite Paul’s many requests? What are the lessons we can learn from it today?

The Internet Ministry Program: Pioneering A Virtual Ministry        

Phases of a Christian Life     By Tay Eng Guan        

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