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Lift Up Your Eyes and See     By Oh Hee Do        
What causes us to lift up our eyes? Both Abraham and Lot performed the same actions before moving to their respective lands, yet had very different results. What are the subtle yet vastly contrasting attitudes of these two family members?

The Meaning of Life        

Rebuild David's Fallen Tabernacle     By K.C. Tsai        
God's promise of a renewed spiritual kingdom.

Mum and Dad, What Shall I Be?     By Vincent Yeoh        

My Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death     By Joseph Chen        
Gaining a new perspective on life after surviving cancer in high school.

Why Are You Waiting, Looking Toward Heavens?        

Succession and Passing the Baton     By Simon Chin        
Passing on the ministry: importance and implementation.

The Heritage of the True Church: A Message to the Youths     By Timothy Yeung        
Cherishing and passing on our spiritual heritage of the truth.

The Spirit of Truth or the Spirit of Error?        
The apostle John warned us that the spirit of error, the very same spirit of the Antichrist, can be found right among us. What can we do to identify and protect ourselves from this destructive power?

The Great Men Who Prayed For Others        

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