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Myths About Marriage        
Are you ready for the reality of marriage or are you stuck on what you think married life should be like? What kind of myths are you holding onto about marriage?

What You Need To Know About The Holy Spirit        

God Weighs Our Ways        

What Should We Worry About?        

The Internet Ministry Program: Pioneering A Virtual Ministry        

A Supplementary Note     By Shen-Min Tsai        

Living A Meaningful College Life        
Take a step back and think about how you are living your college life, and whether it has been a meaningful experience thus far. And ask yourself; can others see Christ in me?

Salvation According to Jesus (II): By Faith        
A Christian’s faith should not be in “faith” itself, a confessional moment of weeping, or a touching “faith” experience. All the aforementioned are good, but they don’t serve as a good basis for salvation by faith.

The Compassionate Jesus        

Temptation or Test        

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