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Returning to God - the Essential Step to Spiritual Renewal     By Lawrence Q. Wong        

How To Distinguish the Holy Spirit From The Evil Spirit        

The Lord’s Parting Prayer for His Disciples—the True Church     By Vincent Yeung        
What Jesus expects of His church.

God Will Find A Way        

Indifferent Neighbors        
Being so busy with our lives, we often neglect the people around us. But Jesus has a higher purpose for us--to love our neighbors. What do you plan to do about it?

What Should We Worry About?        

Be Contented in Whatever Circumstances        

The Road to Perfection     By F.F. Chong        
It's possible if we rely on God.

I See & I Think        

Four Families in the Apostolic Church (II): Cornelius' Family     By Derren Liang        
How we can lead our whole family to fear God.

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