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Jesus Christ and Humility     By Aun-Quek Chin        
How do we step into Jesus Christ’s footprints of humility?

Steadfast in the Truth     By Lin Yung-Ji        
What it takes to be steadfast in the truth.

Spiritual Grace Evangelical Meetings-On Convocations        

Understanding God's will        
The key to understanding His will lies in pursuing spiritual renewal in Jesus Christ. The more we become like Jesus, the deeper we can comprehend the heart of God, for the mystery of God is Christ Jesus.

The God Who Hides Himself     By H.H. Ko        
Seemingly hiding, yet always around.

God's Trial, Discipline and Judgment        

Before Elijah Went Up Mount Carmel        

Be Diligent to Enter into that Rest     By Jason Hsu        
Understanding the history of the Sabbath.

Render to God the Things that are God's     By Julie Wong        

The Ten Commandments for Young People        

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