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Psalm 90: A Statement of the Great Turning Point in Human Life        

She Went After Many, But Me She Forgot     By Colin Shek        
God is our ultimate blessing.

Born From Above        
The transformation of Nicodemus is an example for us to follow in our spiritual life.

Striving Towards Maturity     By K.C. Tsai        
What is spiritual maturity?

On the Front Line (I)—Knowing Who You Are     By Vuthy Nol-Mantia        
Our identity as soldiers in God's army.

A Separate People        
As children of God, it is important for us to set ourselves apart. But what does it mean and how can we apply ourselves to doing that?

The Editor's Preface        

With great faith, this woman finally bore a son, only to give him up for God's service. Find out how the greatness of heart manifests through her thoughts and deeds.

Treasured Moments with God: How God Walked with Me Through Graduate School     By Lois Kuo        
A bumpy road paved with God’s love.

Love Is Not Easily Provoked        
We lose our temper because we feel that an injustice has been done to us. We are provoked to retaliate. Sometimes we encounter some unscrupulous people or unhappy incidents which irritate us.

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