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Discipline The Heart, The Lips, The Eyes, And The Feet        

The Race Set before Us        

Spiritual Discernment        
Love, faith and zeal are the paragons of Christian virtue. But you may be surprised how these qualities untempered with discernment can be detrimental.

Our Story     By Steven Shek        
The story of God’s church told through biblical prophecy is now unfolding.

A Joyful Return     By aaliyah        
Psalm 126 and how God brings the captivity back to Zion.

The Books of Wisdom        

Peniel: I Have Loved You with an Everlasting Love     By KC Tsai        
God’s love transcends all things, even when we cannot feel it in our lives.

How I Entered the True Fold        

The Truth Will Set You Free        

Worship and Devotion in the 21st Century     By Enoch Chang        

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