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Parables Of The Heavenly Kingdom (Part 1): Salvation For All     By KC Tsai        
The mysteries of the heavenly kingdom and the opening of salvation’s door for all.

Editor's Preface        

To Wait Patiently for the Lord        

Pure In Heart        

Philemon: Appeal for Forgiveness and Acceptance        
Learning to forgive each other.

God Planted and Love Grew     By Emily Lin        
Placing her trust in God brought all that she had wanted.

Treasured Moments with God: How God Walked with Me Through Graduate School     By Lois Kuo        
A bumpy road paved with God’s love.

How I Came to Know the True Church        

Returning to God - the Essential Step to Spiritual Renewal     By Lawrence Q. Wong        

Moses Strikes the Rock Twice        
How could the act of striking a rock invoke such dire consequences for God's faithful servant? Read how God's punishment was a lesson against idolatry for His people then, and today.

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