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A Summary of the Visit to the Churches in Asia and Australia        

Spiritual Warfare: Beware of Deviant Teachings        

The Succession of Faith        

Mum and Dad, What Shall I Be?     By Vincent Yeoh        

Growth: A Father's Reflection     By Tay Eng Guan        
This simple poem envokes the beauty of the father-son relationship. In it, we see the relationship we have with our Heavenly Father.

How To Obtain Truth (1)        

Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me        
Leaning on Jesus' breast to safely reach our beautiful shore.

The See-Saw        

The Woman of Samaria        

Making Choices        
Some Christians may harbor the misconception that God's will is manifested in supernatural ways such as visions, dreams, or various signs. But there are other ways to understand His will.

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