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In Fear and Trembling     By Jachin Chong        
Why, and how, we should fear God in our lives.

Keep Yourself in the Love of God     By Simon Chin        
How can we persist in our faith till the very end?

Knowledge of the Son of God     By Barnabas Chong        
Knowing Jesus and the power of His resurrection leads to eternal life.

To Serve: God’s Purpose for His Chosen     By FF Chong        
Serving God is integral to every part of a Christian’s life.

A Joyful Life In The Fear Of God     By Steven Shek        
True joy comes together with godly fear and obedience.

These Little Ones     By Vincent Yeung        
How to care for the weak and overlooked within the church community.

Hallow God’s Name     By Steven Shek        
God’s people must fear Him and hallow His name in righteousness.

Living The Rest Of Our Time     By Shen Chuan Chen        
Helping elderly members make the most of their silver years.

Setting Kindness On Fire In The Dominican Republic     By DR Ministry Volunteers        
The joys of bringing the truth to this Caribbean nation.

My Journey Into Full-time Ministry     By Raymond Leacock        
How a minister committed himself to God during a time of heartbreak and sorrow.

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