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Bridging Generation Gaps     By Philip Shee        
Keeping the unity of God’s household despite generational differences.

Reach Out To The Lost Sheep     By Timothy Yeung        
How to love the lost sheep as God does.

Delivered From Demons     By Mimintha Mok        
From demonic attacks, depression and fortune-telling to finding peace in God.

Lessons From Paul’s Early Ministry     By Ezra Chong        
Revisiting the basic principles of marriage in the Lord.

What God Has Joined, Let No Man Separate (part 1)     By Aun Quek Chin        
Revisiting the basic principles of marriage in the Lord. 

Manna 87 Editorial: Feed My Lambs, Tend My Sheep     By KC Tsai        
Feed and tend the flock, so that the church may grow in God’s love. 

Parables of The Heavenly Kingdom (Part 2)     By KC Tsai        
The parables of the sower and the tares.

An Equal Right to Salvation     By Vincent Yeung        

Preaching the one true gospel in the light of ecumenism.

Manna 86 Editorial: Go and Make Disciples of All Nations     By Ezra Chong        
 It was always God’s plan to give salvation to all nations.

Parables Of The Heavenly Kingdom (Part 1): Salvation For All     By KC Tsai        
The mysteries of the heavenly kingdom and the opening of salvation’s door for all.

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