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Prepare, for the Kingdom of Heaven Is at Hand!     By Vincent Yeung        
In what aspects should we be prepared?

While the Earth Remains     By Philip Shee        
Why did God appoint the four seasons? How did He use them to declare His salvation plan throughout the Bible and to us today? Let us reflect on the spiritual significance of each season so that we may prepare ourselves to respond to what is to come.

Manna 80 Editorial: The Times and the Seasons     By Peter Shee        
“Thus the LORD GOD showed me: Behold a basket of summer fruit…”

Salvation According to Jesus (II): By Faith        
A Christian’s faith should not be in “faith” itself, a confessional moment of weeping, or a touching “faith” experience. All the aforementioned are good, but they don’t serve as a good basis for salvation by faith.

Salvation According to Jesus (I): From Destruction        
People can live with so much pain and guilt; yet, they still may not want to believe they need saving. Some, perhaps, can’t believe anyone would care enough to save them. Others might gladly accept “salvation,” but only on their own terms or by using their own efforts. Sometimes, however, we have to hit “rock bottom” in life to realize we do need someone to save us.

Preaching the Mystery of Faith (I)     By Derren Liang        
Importance and benefits of the basic doctrines.

Reconciling Imperfections in the Church     By Philip Shee        
Let’s work together to perfect love and holiness.

God's Preparation of Elijah     By Jachin        
Preparing to serve God: focus, trust and patience.

To Rise with Wings     By S. Hwang        
How and why God trains us.

The Religious Education System in the True Jesus Church, United States     By USGA        
RE that cuts across all ages.

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