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In Retrospection and Reflection: One Hundred Years of Spiritual Grace     By Shun Dao Hsieh        
Testimonies of God’s grace and the faithfulness of the early workers in Taiwan.

Manna 84 Editorial: True Jesus Church at 100     By Manna Editorial Team        
Reflecting on God's preservation and grace over the past one hundred years, and the spiritual state of the current church.

Living for the Lord: Spiritual Priests (III)     By Simon Chin        
Having accepted the grace of His salvation, are we living up to God's standards for His chosen people, whom He appointed to be spiritual priests? Are we holding fast to the truth and living a life worthy of His calling?

No Substitute for Vigilance (I)     By Aun-Quek Chin        
How important is vigilance in our faith? This article discusses two appalling ways in which a non-vigilant or careless faith can become a barrier to our spiritual growth both as individuals and as a church.

Rebuild David's Fallen Tabernacle     By K.C. Tsai        
God's promise of a renewed spiritual kingdom.

Simon the Zealot     By Samuel Kuo        
What are we zealous for?

When the Heat Comes, We Shall Not Fear     By FF Chong        
The Bible warns us that the time of this Earth is coming to an end and that our Lord Jesus will return at any time. Trials and tribulations will only strike harder and become more unbearable, like the heat of the sun. How well-prepared are we to endure until the end?

Against the Tide     By Peter Shee        
Do not be conformed to this world.

Prepare, for the Kingdom of Heaven Is at Hand!     By Vincent Yeung        
In what aspects should we be prepared?

While the Earth Remains     By Philip Shee        
Why did God appoint the four seasons? How did He use them to declare His salvation plan throughout the Bible and to us today? Let us reflect on the spiritual significance of each season so that we may prepare ourselves to respond to what is to come.

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