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Towards A Better Tomorrow     By LIN YUNG-CHI        

Moses on Trial     By LIM SIOK HONG        

Will Tomorrow Surely Come?     By Lim Siok Hong        

Come Unto Me...I Will Give You Rest     By Lim Siok Hong        

As We Pass Through Life     By Lee Jin        

The Household of God     By Lee Jin        

Is Christmas Biblical?     By Lee Jin        

He Sees from on High     By Lee Jin        

Do We Care?     By Lee Jin        
Crises we read about in the news may seem far removed from our everyday life. So many have occurred in recent years that we may even use them to support the view that the Lord’s second coming is near. But as Christians, do we have an obligation to alleviate the suffering of our fellow human beings?

By the rivers of Babylon     By Lee Jin        

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