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A Holy Calendar     By Peter Shee        
The seven feasts and God’s salvation.

As We Pass through Life        
If an unexamined life is not worth living, then we as Christians must be ever more mindful of how we live.

Jeremiah, What do you see?        

The Truth Never Changes        
What the Bible tells us about Truth—what it is, and how we should care for it.

The First Couple     By Timothy Yeung        
Lessons learned from the first husband and wife.

From Seeing to Believing     By Stephen Ku        
Learning from the sign Jesus did before Thomas.

The Thief, the Hired Hand and the Good Shepherd     By Jason Hu        
Answering the Lord's call to pastor His sheep.

Faith, Today, and the Foundation of Spiritual Revival        
Do you really believe what you think you believe? Where is your faith in relation to all other things you cherish in life?

Walking Together        
Success in marriage is more than just finding the right person. Being the right person is even more important.

Letters from Mom: Becoming Messengers of the Perfect Gospel        
Who among us will bring them the message of the perfect gospel? Who will reach out to explain the way of God “more accurately”?

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