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Understanding Suffering     By FF Chong        
Why suffering is good for us.

Spiritual Warfare: Beware of Deviant Teachings        

A Holy Calendar     By Peter Shee        
The seven feasts and God’s salvation.

My Child, Did You Hurt Yourself?        

Be Like Children        

Be Gallant in Faith        

God Will Never Leave Me     By AH        
Coping with the loss of parents and dreams.

A Child-Like Heart        
Has pursuing after the world led you astray from the Lord? If you are going through some difficult trials, how do you fill the emptiness in your heart? The Lord Jesus is asking you to return to Him and find true peace and joy. What is your answer to Him?

Two Ways of Life        

Succession and Passing the Baton     By Simon Chin        
Passing on the ministry: importance and implementation.

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