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Learning from My Son     By Jennifer Lu        
God's will may not yet be evident, but His love is abundant.

The Great Commission        

The Sixth Seal        
While biblical signs of chaos and war are evident throughout today's world, biblical prophecies can also give us comfort in these times of chaos. In this generation, the sixth of seven seals has already been open, and here is what it reveals¡K

Unchanging Faith     By Aun-Quek Chin        
Be faithful to God’s word.

A Preaching Experience        
Read a narrated true story about how three brothers worked together in different ways to preach the gospel in a hostile and unlikely environment. Indeed through persistence and reliance on the Lord, we can truly witness the grace of God.

Let Me Look to the Cross        

Ask God for Two Things        

Are We Responding to God's Refinement?        

May God Use Him        

Here Am I! Send Me        

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