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Power from the Holy Spirit     By KC Tsai        

Life’s Triumphant Song     By KC Tsai        

Peniel: I Have Loved You with an Everlasting Love     By KC Tsai        
God’s love transcends all things, even when we cannot feel it in our lives.

Parables of the Heavenly Kingdom (Part 3): The Parable of the Mustard Seed     By KC Tsai        
The parable of the mustard seed and the decline of the apostolic church.

Manna 87 Editorial: Feed My Lambs, Tend My Sheep     By KC Tsai        
Feed and tend the flock, so that the church may grow in God’s love. 

Parables of The Heavenly Kingdom (Part 2)     By KC Tsai        
The parables of the sower and the tares.

Parables Of The Heavenly Kingdom (Part 1): Salvation For All     By KC Tsai        
The mysteries of the heavenly kingdom and the opening of salvation’s door for all.

The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven     By KC Tsai        
Unlocking the mysteries of God through the Holy Spirit.

Zaphnath-Paaneah     By KC Tsai        
How Joseph witnessed the unfolding of God's beautiful will.

Rebuild David's Fallen Tabernacle     By K.C. Tsai        
God's promise of a renewed spiritual kingdom.

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