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Letters from Mom: Obeying God and Serving Him        
A mother draws lessons from King Solomon's life to remind her child of the importance of keeping your heart faithful to the Lord.

Fulfill Your Ministry—A Study on 2 Timothy (I)        
Serving God with endurance, faithfulness and godliness.

Waiting for God's Kingdom        

Challenges Of Evangelising In Multi-Cultural Britain     By Audrey Chan        

Living for the Lord (I)     By Simon Chin        
Freely we have received, freely we should give.

An Introduction to the Study of the Bible        

May God Use Him        

Never Stop Loving        
A sister realizes her father's unconditional love only twenty-five years later.

Spiritual Experiences in the Philippines        
Overcoming Satan's wiles to hinder church growth.

When a Gentle South Wind Blows        
A seasoned sailor learns that even a good wind can't always be trusted—and how the only sure thing is the word of God. A story from the book of Acts remains a lesson for us today.

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