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Manna 86 Editorial: Go and Make Disciples of All Nations     By Ezra Chong        
 It was always God’s plan to give salvation to all nations.

The Lord's Prayer Revisited        
If we look hard enough, we can find the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. The same holds true for the Lord's Prayer.

Patience and Perseverance        

Faith's Consequences: The Story of Rebekah        
Have you ever thought about the consequences of your faith and actions? Is God involved in the life decisions that you make? Let’s examine these questions as we take a look at Rebekah’s story.

The Gospel of the Kingdom        

The Truth        

Between Complacency and Pride     By Jordan Kwok        
Are you satisfied with your spiritual life?

Ask God for Two Things        

The Parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus        

Preaching the Mystery of Faith (I)     By Derren Liang        
Importance and benefits of the basic doctrines.

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